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Ohhh, I miss her too!

My daughter has lived in Paris for four years and I've spent many months there over the past years. She lived within walking distance to Montmartre, and your personal pictures below made me quite nostalgic. I have walked those same streets numerous times.
Are you familiar with the town of Laval? Her boyfriend's family has a sheep farm just outside Laval, and I spent two Christmas' there that I'll never forget. His Mother was the most incredible cook ever! And ALWAYS the fresh oysters before dinner, which they shucked and cleaned themselves. We spent hours collecting fresh Chanterelle mushrooms from a nearby forest, which were then prepared for the Christmas dinner, in a delectable savory sauce. And the never-ending bottles of wine...oh my!
Oh, oh, oh....and the macarons!!

There are SO MANY things to love about wonder you miss your country. What I wouldn't do for a fresh pain au chocolat about now! ;)