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I appreciate your comments

That was exactly what I was going for. All of us need to realize that we're on the same team and we are growing in size day by day with each new NSA scandal that's leaked and with each new attempt to coerce the public into war profiteering. It's finally getting to the point where the general public is with us on a lot of the issues.

If it's signatures that are needed I'm sure there are more than enough people willing to sign in's just a matter of getting enough people to work together and devoting enough time and effort until the job is done. I may be in Texas and unable to get my "boots on the ground" in Arizona, but if you guys can pull the supporters together then me and a lot of other people on the Daily Paul are willing to fund this thing until its finished!

Just think of it as like walking your precinct, except on a much larger scale with a lot more coordination. Like my mother used to always say: How do you eat an elephant?...