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I haven't always but I've had for long mixed feelings for France

I haven't always, but I've had for long mixed feelings for France, my own country...

I mean, I do know this 2,100 something year old country has known near death experience many times. We've known near complete enslavement or subjection many times, by various tyrants, kings, and emperors, but it's as if the people always had enough resources to find a magic spring or character, like Joan of Arc and others to save themselves in extremis from evil, with or without help from friendly foreigns.

Still, I think France, like many others, has had a great life and history already, like a elder would have... compared to that, America was this promising young child for liberty and freedoms, that has already been suffering for more than a century the plunder of the new imperialists, and thieves, hidden and poisoning her very heart from almost the beginning. The same child and land of hope that people from all over the world wanted to escape to, when too tired of their rulers at home.

That's what I find unacceptable here today for a much younger America being abused in turn: all this waste of her potential that today's "elites" want to force on her people by debasing them, dumbing them down, demoralizing them, making them dependent, dividing them, exploiting them, making them rotten or forgetful of their once cherished freedoms, destroying her foundations.

It would be such a shame that America eventually dies so young after barely over two centuries.

Hence, also my other today's post about Russell Means' last warning to you, Americans.

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