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What are you talking about?

I "defend Israel... rather than supporting the individuals there"? Huh?

When have I ever advocated for striking another country? NEVER!

Why am I not "looking into what gives me the right to be a lawyer"? Again, huh?

Natural rights? How is what I posted opposing natural rights.

Why are you posting this personal attack on me on this thread?

You are completely insane.

You have on multiple occasions accused me of being a 'shill' or disinfo agent. Look at the info I share on DP. I am no disinfo agent. I have been accused multiple times by you, of being a shill. I see again & again your obnoxious, idiotic, hateful comments to myself and others DPers, which are often filled with false information presented as truth. I have had suspicions myself, about you, but unlike you I don't go around frivolously accusing everyone of being a shill.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?