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You're not gonna go and

You're not gonna go and pretend that effect without cause makes sense to you, now are you? It obviously happened, but it doesn't make logical sense. Therefore logic breaks down at a certain point, which tells us what we already know. Our minds are not the objective truth discovering tools some want them to be. Whatever creator or process allowed existence to emerge is simply beyond comprehension. That process produced a human mind which is structurally incapable of grasping its actual nature. Nothing beyond that can be ascertained.

A god beyond understanding is as likely as a random process beyond understanding. They're equally outside of the supposition 'likely.' Chewing on you glasses and pretending you understand it like that douchebag in Jurassic Park is just a shameful display of the vanity of the conceited human ape, and doesn't get us anywhere. But you do play the jackass well.

To whatever extent our mental equipment does 'work,' that extent is a limited spectrum of the whole. If it was otherwise, we wouldn't be having this discussion, there would be no problem to discuss. But if you want to pretend you get it all that's cool, we all know you're a smart guy. Probably human only a little bit better.