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Comment: Ah, Brian Cox(not to be

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Ah, Brian Cox(not to be

Ah, Brian Cox(not to be confused with the Actor, XD). I first heard about him from his commentary on Sunshine(which he was the 'scientific adviser' for).

But yeah, I've known Time Travel 'forward' was possible for ages, it's been well known around for a while. Problem is, currently it's not like what you think. It's not a 'machine' that jumps millennia into some Dystopian society of the future, it's 'relative' and only fractions of a second at small scale....

Still, interesting stuff.

I like how in interviews, you can tell Brian is 'obsessed'(in a good way), often going way off course to answer a question precisely and in detail, even when he's on a less than 'scientific' show(Conan O'brien).