Comment: As a tournament chess player I can really appreciate this!

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As a tournament chess player I can really appreciate this!

Chess is still the greatest game ever developed.

It has been referred to as the "Game of Kings" but I consider the "King of Games."

It took centuries to evolve into the game it is today, and there simply is no other game as ingenious and deep as chess.

Yet there are only 64 squares and nothing is hidden except what is in your opponent's mind.

There are no inherent elements of luck built into chess such as in all card games and other games of chance (although luck may play a part occasionally in chess when you "get away" with something because your opponent didn't see it).

But as games of skill go, chess is at the top of the heap with no other game even a close second.

Chess has more books and publications dedicated to it than any other game and it has also proven itself very compatible with computers and all the newest information techonology.

But there are a few real issues affecting the game of chess today:

One is lack of participation, partially due to all the distractions and developments in video, Internet and other gaming.

Another issue is mass exposure. Chess simply does not translate well to television or as a spectator sport as do team sporting events, individual pursuits like tennis and golf or even other table games like poker now.

And finally, a problem for tournament chess involves cheating. With all the small electronic devices availble now, cheating becaomes a real concern and indeed more than one tournament chess-player has been banned from future competitions due to cheating.

Tournament director's jobs have become more challenging due to this, but with proper enforcement of rules on cheating, it won't be a fatal issue for the game.

It's a real shame that chess is not more popular (particularly in the U.S.) because as was so well-stated in this quote by Pierre Mac Orlan; "There are more adventures on a chessboard than on all the seas of the world"

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul