Comment: I call it a blessing, as long as we can have it

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I call it a blessing, as long as we can have it

Gold still capable to going lower in the next few weeks or for the next few months (a year?) is a pure blessing for all those simple folks who (like here) woke up late to the stakes of holding any sound money at all.

But let's not keep ourselves obsessed with gold or silver alone. It's also time to wake up to what, even beyond QE infinity, sustains this appalling giant with feet of clay that is.... the stock market.

Enjoy the time lapse and figures of this metrics; keep an eye on the scale, rightmost (quotes per second); if that doesn't give you some chills, nothing will :

Growth of High Frequency Quote Spam in the Stock Market

Period : 9/2009 - 9/2013

Hypnotic, uh?

Yup, that's also what's behind these stocks that perform "so well", in a "recovering" economy.

Yeah, right.

Or would that be one of the last few factors that still prevent it from a complete burst? Hmmm.

Keep yourself safe. That is, aware.

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