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Comment: Wikipedia's definition of collectivism sucks!

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Wikipedia's definition of collectivism sucks!

Wikipedia's definition of collectivism sucks!

Collectivism is NOT cooperation between and among individuals. Cooperation is a natural activity among sovereign beings who voluntarily work together to accomplish things no single individual could achieve on their own.

Collectivism is an ancient, primitive, superstitious way of thinking about and interacting with other human beings that subjugates the interests of the individual to the interests of the group. However, a few individuals always manage to exploit the collectivist imperative for their own benefit in the name of the common good.

Collectivism is a dehumanizing way of thinking about other human beings that reduces all individuals to members of various groups and ignores the inherent sovereignty of each and every human being. Our governments are thoroughly collectivist because no one of us is considered to have any individual sovereignty and government officials interact with us exclusively as members of various groups - all carefully and extensively recorded in massive databases - and never ever as individuals. Our federal, state and local governments consider our identity to be nothing more or less than the sum of all the database groups to which we belong.

The politician's work is balancing the interests of various groups against each other for the purpose of accumulating more and more personal power and wealth. To all politicians, you exist only as a member of some group or other, which in turn determines how much attention to give you.

Collectivism always shows itself in the end to be a highly successful strategy for advancing individual self interest of the leaders at the expense of all the rest. Individuals who rise to power by cynically promoting collectivism always end up being the most extreme examples of selfishness, perfect embodiments of the individualism so decried by collectivism. This is true even when clever leaders create the illusion of compassion and self sacrifice as a cover for their accumulation of enormous wealth and influence. The vast majority of individuals, who actually believe the collectivist lies, suffer a declining overall well being, while the leaders, who never did actually believe in collectivism, benefit spectacularly at the expense of the rest. A successful collectivist is the perfect refutation of collectivism.

Ruin is always the end result for an individual who believes the collectivist lies. The individual who survives or thrives within a collectivist society is the one who only pays lip service to the lies and actually practices individualism. Instead of subordinating their desires and ambitions to an imaginary, non-existent common identity they ignore the collectivist propaganda and concentrate attention on removing their own unease and seek always to increase their own well being.