Comment: I googled "how to detect a con artist"

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I googled "how to detect a con artist"

I just found it curious how well a lot of it fit with the politics around 9/11 and the Iraq war right after and about most politics in general its almost a trademark :P. Also you will never get a con artist to admit that he is wrong.

"Lavish flattery
If you’ve just met someone who is overwhelming you with praise, attention and concern, be careful. Be particularly careful if you’re lonely and looking for love—con artists know exactly how to play that tune."
The election time anyone?

"Credentials—exaggerated and fabricated
Con artists may “prove” themselves by namedropping or volunteering detailed resumes or credentials. If you’re at all suspicious, check their references."

yes they all have good connections, doesn't make them right for the spot though.

"Building your trust
Con artists will sometimes honor their commitments in the beginning so that you begin to trust them. They’ll pay back initial loans, or appear to be unselfishly helping other people. Their objective is to get you to drop your guard."

Oh election promises...

"The story doesn’t quite add up
The con artist’s story may have small inconsistencies or unexplained loose ends. If you ask questions, the con will glibly provide an explanation—which may also not add up. Or, he or she will sidestep the issue by accusing you of paranoia or mistrust."

War propaganda anyone?

"“I need an answer now.”
A crisis needs to be averted, an opportunity will disappear—whatever the reason, a con artist will want an answer right away. If you have time to think, research or ask advice, you may realize that con artist’s plan is a ploy. The con will want your money before you figure it out."

We have our 1 day undeniable truth report here, now attack!

"Intense eye contact
Typically, when people talk to each other, they look each other in the eyes and then briefly look away. Sociopathic con artists often exhibit a “predatory stare”—unblinking, fixated and emotionless. It’s not a sign of empathy—it’s an effort to assert control."

The Obama stare, anyone else seen it in his speeches? the pauses where he smiles to him self.

Con artists will slowly and subtly separate you from people who may question their plans. They may intercept phone calls from your friends. They may refuse to associate with your family. They’ll tell you, “It’s you and me against the world, baby.” Soon, you’re alone with them, snared in their net."

Truthers and conspiracy theorists...