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Comment: Precisely: that's why I specifically stated " a BROAD sense"

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Precisely: that's why I specifically stated " a BROAD sense"

"For instance: the R3VOLution is a collective, in a broad sense."

I'd ask you to revisit the definition portion. The dictionary definition of a collective is just a group of individuals identified by shared traits, interests, values, who come together, sometimes for an enterprise, other times just a collaborative effort. That's all.

A collective does NOT mean those who voluntarily join believe that by mere virtue of being member of that group necessitates that they now have special status or power, or are deserved a special set of powers solely reserved to them.

However, a collectiVIST on the other hand, by definition, believes that for the sake of the group (whether you're part of his/her group or not), that he/she or his/her select group of cohorts can arbitrarily deem that they solely have the power to decide what is good for the whole, and the obnoxiously nebulous nonexistent and unicorny "greater good," and any action taken to uphold that said nonexistent arbitrary "greater good"/whatever artificially designated idea of what that group supposedly stands for, can and should be sanctioned.

None of that is going on here. no?

For simplicity, people should simply swap the word "collective" with "group," then it's a lot easier to understand. A "group" is a neutral word, that just means 'a collection of individuals with an identifiable trait(s),' tis all.

We do agree for starters:

* : Our particular rulers are jacked up.

further most of us think

* : We're pretty much tired of rulers period and want to go back to the rule of law as codified in the Constitution.

some of us in turn think

* : We're SERIOUSLY tired of ruleERS and want all law to be consensual.

Agree with most of it, except I never saw/see anyone as my "rulers" or "leaders"; even in the strict minarchist Constitutionalist paradigm: they're public SERVANTS, not "rulers."

LOL. frankly if anyone agreed with just one of your cited criteria, and likes Ron Paul, and made an account here at Daily Paul, you've just become a r3VOL!

Besides, last I checked I don't think anyone's handing out r3VOLution membership card xD

Plus, just because you can be identified with a group, doesn't mean you hold a membership-card, or somehow you MUST go along with the predominant direction that a majority in within that given group is moving in.

However, you are already certainly part of one collective already: frankly, the fact that anyone is commenting here, makes them all part of the DailyPaul collective!

Does that mean we all have to do everything together or agree on everything?

LOL! obviously not.D

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul