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Great stuff there

You are describing voluntarist communitarianism. There is a recognition that each of us is born into a group or one sort or another and as one enters adulthood he maintains those familial/cultural ties or he chooses different affiliations. The goal of adolescence is to master individuation, then affiliation.

I believe the concept of sovereign man is the misnoner - no such animal exists. They key is choice and the level of abstraction. Does a person seek identity and cohesion close to home, on the internet, or does he see himself as part of a larger whole?

Our rugged American individualists built successful interdependent communities all over this great country.

Psychologically speaking, can a person tolerate the intimacy and compromise that is required to maintain relationships? Or, does he assault anyone else that comes too close to him in his sandbox? Conversely, is he a codependent animal that can only function if his own ego is subsumed or buttressed by others? Life is a balance. Communities prosper under the same dynamic equilibrium.

I speak about it here in this clip: