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OP of this thread should

OP of this thread should change the title. John Kerry didn't admit or say that at all. Libertarians pride themselves on having consistancy and of our desire for accuracy and hard evidence. We must always be skeptics of the skeptics for they are preconditioned to beleive there is a conspiracy under every rock. I want the truth of 9-11 as much as anyone and yes I do believe WTC 7. Imploded on its own footprint due do explosives but there is a very large problem when we as liberty lovers accept soft evidence as hard evidence and this thread is the poster child of what I'm talking about. Kerry said there was a controlled effort. NOTHING about knowing whether or not he has any knowledge of the events of Sept. 11 or that of building 7. If anything Kerry was talking out of his ass to save face and he happened to use the word CONTROLLED in his dialogue because he had just heard that word from the audience member who had asked the question.

The best way I look at it I ask this simple question....would this be used as evidence in a court of law to justify the position that Kerry has inside knowledge?-- the answer an obvious NO.

If I had asked the question I would have liked to follow up to get a clarified response from Kerry.

Please use your noggin

- Brennan