Comment: Who has the power?

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Who has the power?

I belong to no voluntary group whenever some individual, or whenever many individuals sharing the same ACTION, demands my participation against my knowledge or against my will, or by active fraud, threat, or violence.

For someone else to claim to have the power to make me belong to whatever they claim I belong to, including a claim that says one word, such as collectivism, means what they say it means, despite what I say it means, is someone, or many people doing the same thing, making a claim of having power over me as I define words myself.

Collectivism imposed by fraud, threat, and violence is a synonym for crime, and calling it involuntary is merely repeating the facts of the case of crime in progress.

That is my way of communicating the facts, despite anyone else claiming otherwise, and when someone else claims that my effort to define the meanings of words is false, then they resort to Involuntary Collectivism, since I know, in fact, that I still have the power to define the meaning of the words I intend to employ for the purposes I decide to accomplish with words.

There is no way one person can negotiate with another person honestly if one person usurps the other persons power to agree to the meaning of words. Dictatorship is a process employed by dictators. There is one born every minute?