Comment: Please correct your title.

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Please correct your title.

They are not raising it BY $10, but TO $10.

There is a HUGE difference, in this case $8 or 80% of what you alleged, or looked at another way, they are going to increase it 25% over what they have now - $8, but according to your title, they will increase it 125% to $18.

The article clearly states they will raise it from $8 to $10, that is only a $2 increase, thus the title should say either "to $10" or "by $2."

Now that is out of the way...

Yes, this is absurd. But the continuous "need" to raise the minimum wage (which shouldn't exist at all) to me merely exposes that inflation is real and is not going away - dispite what the FED and the Treasury Department claim to the contrary. Of course, raising the minimum wage will only accomplish two things - more unemployment for entry level workers, and higher prices for all, but hitting those on the low end of the scale (those minimum wage earners) and those on fixed incomes the hardest.