Comment: I agree that Agenda 21 is

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I agree that Agenda 21 is

I agree that Agenda 21 is being used against us by way of an opportunity. I'm just as concerned as everyone else and I'm doing everything I know to stop it or inform others on it. I also agree they're using the mask of climate change to fear-monger people into accepting carbon taxes and other globalist crap. However, that's not the whole picture.

The way I see it, there's two possibilities.

Number 1 is that GW is human caused and a problem that's causing CC. In this case, regardless of A21, we need to fix it. The fix is to get off fossil fuels which reduces our foreign dependence, our dependence on certain price-gouging monopolies and brings many benefits. So why not start now.

Number 2 is that GW is either natural or not causing CC. In this case, we're not going to win against A21 but getting off fossil fuels will still benefit in the ways mentioned above.

So either case leads us to getting off fossil fuels, right? The only two counters to that argument are the following:

Number 1 is that it's too expensive. This is true of the solutions offered in the MSM and BP commercials but not true of all of them. There are many that have stayed under the radar so far (so as not to attract industry opposition) which are cheaper and better suited to our needs.

Number 2 is that there are no viable renewable solutions to solve the problem so this leads to A21 becoming justified in beginning their takeover. This is completely false because many people know of the solutions but even if they didn't exist, that would mean we simply caved in to taxes by an international body and didn't stand up and fight. I don't buy that at all. The American people are not going to allow taxes on breathing, cows, grass compost, lawn mowers or even cars, based on the very fact that they're being used correctly. We are starting to get our voice warmed up (SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, SYRIA, OBAMACARE, etc.) and I highly doubt they'll even try anything like that.

To be clear, the only taxes I can see the people allowing to get passed (and only on a national basis) are carbon taxes for coal, oil, NG and nuclear. I'm not completely convinced this would be a bad thing. ...not because I'm ok with taxes - I'm not. Just because it'll result in exposing the fact that the US government already taxes us on energy and then just gives it to those industries as subsidies. If those subsidies were removed, we would see competition kick in and renewables' prices would plummet way below them very quickly. And with economies of scale, those prices would steadily fall for quite a while.

Besides, I personally doubt that it'll be too long before some major changes take place in the federal and global organizations we are under today. The FED is trying their best to ensure that will happen.