Comment: George Mason: The Militia is "ALL PEOPLE" - "Self Preservation"

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George Mason: The Militia is "ALL PEOPLE" - "Self Preservation"

Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:

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Mr. GEORGE MASON. "Mr. Chairman, a worthy member has asked WHO ARE THE MILITIA, if they be not "THE PEOPLE" "OF THIS COUNTRY", and if we are not to be PROTECTED FROM THE FATE of the Germans, Prussians, by OUR REPRESENTATION? I ask, WHO ARE THE MILITIA? They CONSIST NOW of the "WHOLE PEOPLE" (ALL CITIZENS ALL PEOPLE), except a few public officers...."

Self Preservation is called the "First Law of Nature":

Absolute Rights of the Colonists 1772:

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Samuel Adams:

"1st. Natural Rights of the Colonists as Men.--

Among the Natural Rights of the Colonists are these First. a Right to Life; Secondly to Liberty; thirdly to Property; together with the Right to support and DEFEND THEM in the BEST MANNER THEY CAN (i.e. NO LIMITATIONS)--Those are EVIDENT Branches of, rather than deductions from the "DUTY OF SELF PRESERVATION", commonly called "THE FIRST LAW OF NATURE"--"...

Every "natural Right" not "expressly" given up or from the nature of a Social Compact "necessarily" ceded "REMAINS" (With "THE PEOPLE").-- "


Common Law is NOT removed or given away by the Constitution:


Again, from the Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788:

George Nicholas: "...But the"COMMON LAW" is "NOT EXCLUDED".

There is "NOTHING" in "that paper" (APP Note: referring to the US Constitution being considered) to warrant the assertion....

"... A bill of rights is only an acknowledgment of the "PREEXISTING CLAIM" "TO RIGHTS" "IN" "THE PEOPLE".

They "BELONG TO US AS MUCH" as if they had been inserted in the Constitution."..."


Common Law and the Law of Nature Can be best understood by reading "John Locke's Second Treatise on Civil Government"

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John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.