Comment: Well regulated Militia

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Well regulated Militia

I once used Bastiat's essay on disbanding troops ( for my defense against gun control. I think it would equally apply to the anarchist's solution to national defense.

My argument was like -
I don't agree that maintaining a standing peace-time army is some-how beneficial upto a given size. IMO, there is a net production loss to the nation to even maintain a standing peace-time army of few hundred people. The article explains why reduction of standing army and leaving money in the hands of the general public are a good things. However Bastiat didn't cover the topic of adequate security in light of disbanding the troops in that article. The answer to adequate security when reducing standing armies is well regulated militia.

The question in the end of the article -
>> If, when every compensation is made, and all interests satisfied, there is a national profit in increasing the army, why not enroll under its banners the entire male population of the country?
Eventhough he posed that question to point out the fallacy in supporting a standing peace-time army, it also gives food for thought on how every citizen can help with the security of the nation. A militia is both productive to the economy as well as guarantee security to the locality. And individuals with firearms form such a militia.

I also read this awesome quote somewhere in DP -
"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." - Japenese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto