Comment: Actually you are incorrect

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Actually you are incorrect

Natural or Raw Sugar retains its molasses content rather than being boiled out. Molasses has excellent health benefits, in addition molasses helps break down the sugar differently than straight sucrose.

While the kings of Europe might have had sugar for a few centuries, India has been eating the stuff far longer, India has little of the effects of the so called killer sugar that the person above posted.

It's Chicken little, the sky is falling nonsense. Now if you would have said High Fructrose Corn Syrup you would have been on to something.

Nearly every fruit and lots of vegetables have naturally occuring sucrose and fructose already in them.

Some of the worse foods for you are wheat, Fish Oil, and olive oil once it has been heated up, I can go on and on but the bottom line your much more probable of dying from the radiation coming from your cell phone than sugar.

I would be far more concerned with the pesticides built into your crops and sprayed on crops or GMO foods than worrying about raw sugar.