Comment: College Bd is at the root of this travesty

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College Bd is at the root of this travesty

From the AP U.S. History Teachers Guide Chapter 1: Overview "...We work to comprehend the effects of social and economic change on men, women, and children and to theorize about the complex processes involved when cultural and intellectual patterns begin to shift, when traditional political mores no longer hold."

Hmm. I wonder which "traditional political mores" they believe no longer hold.

Like they (progressives) say, you gotta work "bottom up and top down." Schools need to be contacted re the curriculum; AMSCO re the review books that correspond to the course & exam; and the College Board setting the overall agenda.

What I find particularly ironic is that the AP courses are all about "document based" essays: presenting students with primary sources. Yet as KEY as the Constitution is to our history and national identity, for THAT an opinionated paraphrased summary is deemed more appropriate. See "Writing Responses to a Document-Based Question." (Page 20) Ha, ha. They say, "Indeed, there is no better way to study the men and women of the American past than to listen to their own words." That is, I guess, except for American founders whose beliefs reflect "traditional political mores that no longer hold," as per (for one) the Constitution; there it's preferable for an entire generation of American youth to learn what the Constitution says from how Mssrs. John J. Newman and John M. Schmalbach have interpreted and/or adapted it.

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