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Comment: AGW Has No scientific Basis

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AGW Has No scientific Basis

1) I repeat, no global warming since 1998. This is well-established.

Whatever the "trend" increase has been since 1979 is irrelevant. The warming stopped in 1998. The predictions were for a 4 degree increase by 2014. The predictions were wrong. Their computer models failed to predict anything, therefore, you cannot accept their hypothesis that CO^2 is driving warming. Sorry, that's how science works. CO^2 may cause warming. Thermodynamics predicts a 1 degree increase for every DOUBLING of CO^2, but not runaway warming.

2) The "testability" of climate change has EVERYTHING to do with it. In science, you must have a hypothesis that is testable with repeatable experiments and can be accepted as true with a reasonable level of confidence or not accepted. The hypothesis that CO^2 causes the climate to change cannot be tested since the climate is always changing regardless of man made CO^2.

3) A "scientist" who builds a model but refuses to present a falsifiable hypothesis to test his model is not a scientist and his model is meaningless. Any clown can build a spreadsheet model based on histroical proxy data, invent his own parameters, then extend the model into the future based on his assumptions. But that is not science. He will, however, still qualify for government funding. And that's really what AGW hysteria is all about... looting taxpayers to fund "research".