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In my mind...

The entire Bible is a book that defines liberty. How and when to take it, and how to keep it.

It's a shame the majority of "Christians" do not understand the Bible in truest form. Many focus on the Gospel and only the Gospel, just enough to save them, but they do not want to return the favor by doing work for God. Doing so would liberate us from all government, to be free to serve God only.

"I know where I'm going(referencing heaven), so I don't need anything else." I have heard this as an excuse to not be involved in Life, Politics, Family, etc., all in direct opposition to what the Bible describes a Christian should do...

The meaning of the word repent is confused among ALL Christians today, thinking that it means to ask forgiveness and you are repent means to STOP what your doing and go the other way.

I fear many today will not know the Truth of God, that IS God, and when they say in Heaven, I followed your teachings, Christ will say "I do not know you."

The Bible is a book for and of liberty.

While probably not 100% true, I fear on a daily basis, that those who are enslaved by those who misuse the Word of God, especially those promoting national exceptionalism, could never understand what it means to be a Christian.