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It was news as far as I was concerned the first time I heard information offered in the form of the words Motu Proprio.

Here is where I found that information offered:

I do not expect you to read that information let alone consider it to be accurate information. It is also unlikely that my 2 cents concerning that information is of much value to anyone.

I can simply say that the source of the information can be checked, the person behind that information runs a weekly call in event on Wednesday.

This Wednesday I hope to ask Frank O'Collins (the author of that blog link) for information concerning the possibilities of restoring the Rule of Law (Natural Law or Law based upon The Golden Rule instead of Man upon Man Law based upon Might Makes Right) in America utilizing Common Law Grand Juries.

Next Monday I can return to the National Liberty Alliance for further discussions on utilizing Common Law Grand Juries in all the counties in all the 50 States of these United States of America.

Motu Proprio, apparently, is a reversal made by the Jesuits from all out immorality to self policing among their numbers, at least that is my take on the information I have seen so far.

Take three more links and then I can begin to answer your questions that I consider to be requests by you, asking me to offer back to you my viewpoint. My viewpoint is not simple, but I believe that I have simplified the Power Struggle (Crime made Legal versus Liberty) down to the simple principles engaged.

In those 2 links are offers of information that go beyond the simple statement that report what happens as there is also offered information on why things happen, at least from those two people offering their viewpoints.

What I get from that information was already understood by me in such a way as to allow me to know my viewpoint on those separate viewpoints, and then I find that Frank O'Collins goes even beyond my understanding of those viewpoints and there is offered by Frank another, more detailed, explanation.

Final link, and then onto my viewpoint, and you can use the links as references, if you care to look, or discard them, and it is well beyond my power to make you see my viewpoint; I offer it because I appreciate those people who do as much work on this (or more) than I do, and I appreciate their help. Many more ways of viewing something beyond the one, the Monopoly, way, is a way to add dimension to that which is being observed by the observer.


"There can be no doubt we are in the middle of the greatest power struggle since World War II. It is uncertain whether the Jesuits will prevail and the system restored to order, or whether the Vatican and Illuminati will succeed in breaking the shackles of forced subservience after 200 years."

What may be happening now, in our time, is as I offered earlier, a policing of the Powers That Be (what I call Legal Crime) internally.

While that is happening there won't be World War III, in my opinion, since World War III requires that the Monopoly Power is a Monopoly Power, which can be known as such because there is no Legal Money Competition when there is instead a Monopoly Money Power, such as the current one, which is The Dollar Hegemony being run out of The World Bank/The Federal Reserve.

While there is a fight over control among the most powerful human beings roaming this planet, and that POWER is measurable as The Power to Purchase LEGALLY, there won't be a concerted effort to use that POWER to conduct World War III.

World Wars are not what the victims are led to believe, out of control, they are instead investments made by those in Power so as those in Power stay in Power, they must destroy the Power to resist when the Power to resist grows too Powerful among their victims, in each Nation/Country/State whatever.

Those in Power ARE NOW fighting among themselves and as long as that goes on there will then be relative freedom among the so called Tax Payers around the world. While the most POWERFUL (Power to Purchase) fight among themselves the actual source of that POWER to PURCHASE are no longer the intense focus of effort by those who are, temporarily, fighting among themselves.

Those who produce something worth stealing, each day, on average, those who are called Tax Payers, are normally the focus of effort by the most Powerful, when the most Powerful are cooperating among themselves. They, the most powerful, divide us, and conquer us, normally.

Now they, those who have control of the process known as Central Banking, they are now fighting among themselves.

There are many ways to look at that and I offer 2, and my understanding is such that it is the later view that is the more likely one to be accurate.

Currency Wars lead to World Wars because the competing Central Banking Powers end up fighting among themselves in shooting wars.

Currency Wars lead to World Wars because those cooperating in Central Banking Powers employ their POWER to destroy so as to keep the victims POWERLESS to invent, produce, and maintain money (currency) competition among themselves without the "help" of the Central Bankers.

I think that this current effort on my part is reaching past the point of diminishing returns; so I will stop here and read the rest of your welcome response, and then I may find more words to add to this already long reply.

"However, in the present condition of human nature this would result in a descent into barbarity since humanity is still in an immature state of spiritual development."

On Monday, yesterday night, during my first call to John and his group called the Notional Liberty Alliance, I objected to the wording in their Affidavit to be filed by acting Common Law Grand Jurors and it was agreed to add words that pledge devotion to a power other than mankind. I don't claim to know God myself, my understanding is such that there are two types of Law that can be understood in this way:

1. Might Makes Right, or Rule by Man (criminals) upon Man (victims)

2. Not 1

If the idea is to fight against the first order, then many people are on board because they believe in God in some form, and there are also those who are on board because they believe in such things as Natural Law. I fall into the middle of those categories, but I am an individual, I am not a category.

So the affidavit is now changed on the National Liberty Alliance webpage. In fact my objection was already fixed by John before I objected, they had not updated the Web Page until today.

So, yes, there has to be a general increase in awareness of powers greater than criminals overpowering victims whereby the criminals claim to be Gods themselves, or the criminals claim to be Law themselves, when by their deeds those claims of being God or Law are lies, since their deeds constitute inculpatory evidence proving the fact that they are, in fact, criminals.

If, for example, mass torture and mass murder for fun and profit is, by some method of thinking, not a crime, then there is no such thing as crime, and that is something that can be identified scientifically as necrophilia. A condition of human life whereby the human is born without the part of the brain normally working when human empathy/sympathy/conscience operates, there is in that individual a difference from the norm. I can site sources.

A natural response to mass torture and mass murder for fun and profit in normal human beings is not glee, elation, happiness, so therein lies the lie that crime is a passing fashionable, or outdated, notion, as the Legal Criminals may want their victims to believe.

So when are the self-governors going to access their power in avoiding the ongoing connections between criminals and victims?

Now, more than ever, in my life, the window of opportunity is open.

"My response was conditioned on the belief that I alluded to above: that humanity is still in a spiritually immature state and incapable of the kind of productive, peaceful co-operation implied in your solution."

Here is where the viewpoint offered proves validity by employing available,easy to find, or ubiquitous, evidence.

We will know that Liberty (Free Markets for some) are winning because there will be competition in Legal Money Markets.

There are ways, methods, used by the Legal Criminals, to fool the victims into a false sense of security as to the available evidence proving the case, and those are called by many names such as "Quantitative Easing" and "inflation" whereby the Legal Criminals, or Central Bankers, increase the money supply and they are not, currently, perpetrating massive War.

You know how it works, I trust, as those "artificial booms" create sayings like "War is good for the Economy."

The proof of a new age of reason will be an often changing of the guard as to which supplier is offering the highest quality Legal money at the lowest cost, just as happens in computers and phones whereby computers and phones exemplify Free Market Competition Currently.

Another example of Free Market Competition is NEWS products now competing on the Internet.


Right now Alex Jones, Boiling Frogs, The Daily Paul, Asia Times, and Al Jazeera compete for a share of the limited supply of world wide consumers of information. Which one of those on that short list are now invited into Main Stream (so called) Network Television in America?

I have noticed, just now, on Television, that Al Jazeera commercials are finding their way into American Television "programs".

Why not Alex Jones?

Legal Currency is not limited to money. Currency is information. Information is currency. Purchasing POWER is the quality and the cost rolled into one, when dealing with monetary currency.

When consumers World Wide can trade Legal Currency on the Internet, on a whim, daily, then that will signal the end to Legal Crime, because then will be the time when that force of competition will be forcing the producers of Legal Money to obey the orders of the consumers instead of the consumers being forced by fraud, threats, and violence to use ONLY the ONE Money produced by the worst examples of human beings ever to disgrace the concept of human life on Earth.

I don't mean that people can log onto a Web Page and sell Federal Reserve Notes for Euros, which already happens, because, and again, the Legal Money Powers are all in on the fraud.

When I can move my savings from California money (money required to pay California costs, bills, taxes, rent, groceries) to Utah Money (They are right now moving to Gold backed currency) or Solar City Money, or Telsa Motors Money, or whatever money I want, because a Web Page like Price Watch has the best money listed on the top of the page that day.

Right now The Federal Reserve is the fraud that covers the extortion of The Internal Revenue Service, and through The Military Industrial Complex, including The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations, all controlled by the same group (unless they are now in-fighting) the victims, World Wide, are forced to pay the tax of Inflation every time those criminals double, or triple, or quadruple, their exclusive money supply POWER to PURCHASE, because they want to buy something. They buy destructive things because destructive things are good for their economy.

So how hard would it be to improve upon that money supply?

When there is one Monopoly Money Power (also known as World Reserve Currency) the quality and cost of the money is very high, and all the other legal money "competitors" are forced lower in quality, as the greater, not the lesser, of two evils use their purchasing power to destroy, and that is costly. What happens when a competitor is allowed to compete and their power to purchase is invested in producing more power to purchase?

That answer is simple, one way invests in destruction and all profits go to the criminals while all the victims pay the bills, and the other way invests in an abundance of POWER TO PURCHASE; which means, in fact, in measurable reality, higher standards of living, lower costs of living, for every competitor, not only for those who destroy competition.

Legal Crime, or World Reserve Currency Power is war being good for the profits of those few who are in power.

Liberty is no longer having Legal Crime making war so profitable for those few.

What is happening to the average Power to Purchase?

If it is going down, then Legal Crime is in force, and the criminals are making war good for their economy.

If the power to purchase, on average, is going up, then those Legal Criminals are for whatever reason, in-fighting, their black hearts are no longer into it as much, whatever reason, if power to purchase, on average, is going up, it is because Liberty is in force, Free Markets are in force, and the consumers drive quality up and costs down; which means, in fact, higher standards of living, and lower costs of living.

Which way is the wind blowing?

Utah, for one example, Virginia for another, and another is Arkansas, I think, I have links, are beginning to work toward what appears to be inevitable, which is a collapse of the current World Reserve Currency POWER.

What replaces it?

Free Market competition or a new overreaching imperial POWER?

What does history tell us?

The British Empire with the Bank of London (the winners of The Revolutionary War in America) moved their base of operation from England to America before, and during, and officially after World War II.

Remember Ross Perot and the Giant Sucking Sound? Capital has by flying to Asia for decades, just like capital was flying to Germany and Russia before World War II.

Are they getting ready to rumble?

Have they run into a snag, as their own membership have called foul with Motu Proprio?

Will the worst of the worst regain control of the monopoly?

Will China be the new boss in town?

Is it the same group of the same people or is it the machine?

Monopoly or Competition?

Legal Crime or Liberty?

How can anyone tell?

Look in your wallet. Do you have a choice to use the better money today?

Who says you don't?

If you follow the fraud money what do you find a the source of it and why do you listen to them as if they are the authorities?

"This learning implies the spiritual training of all mankind. This training will be carried out by the immortal, incorruptible beings known in scripture as the sons of God and will entail the shifting of every human being into a higher state of consciousness from within and their eventual transfiguration into immortality and incorruptibility."

For some of us, like me, the process is almost imperceptibly slow, while others are gaining fast. If a person is not looking it is harder to see the improvements. I've been looking carefully for over 2 decades.

"This is the only solution to mankind's dilemma and has always been the plan of God from the beginning."

We may not have the same understanding of that power of creation, but I think the differences are incidental.