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"Otherwise it's just a bunch

"Otherwise it's just a bunch of humans making up a fiction that there is no reason to believe is true."

You just described your god. A fiction made up by humans. Every "idea" is made up by men, including natural rights and high level spell-casting dieties. The key differance is that when a product of human reason is put forth, it can be disproven or verified over time. When a product of human imagination is "believed in" the idea is defended; wrong or right, by the "faithful" and no debait is allowed. When viewed objectivly as a product of the human mind, natural rights may be debaited, critiqued, honed and ultimatly perfected via extensive debait, observation and trial & error over generations. If the philosophy is found to be flawed, those flaws will be exposed and it will die. So far, the idea of natural law has withstood the greatest minds and come away looking as compelling and logical now as it did when Fredric Bastiat gave us "The Law."

When natural rights are a magic spell cast by the gods, you MAY NOT QUESTION. The flaws are invisable to the faithful (even if cartoonish and silly to rational minds). Anger replaces debait, threats replace questions.

So when you ask if I can be wrong, if my reason could possibly be flawed, the answer is: Of course. But I won't threaten you with being locked in hell for eternity for questioning my flawed ideas if you can find them. This is the oposite of the religeous indocrinated mind who believe that their opinions are not actually just theories, but the decree of a mighty cosmic overlord who is perfect (dispite that he can't build perfect stuff). So whereas I welcome open debait so that we can come to a more perfect understanding of how to impliment freedom and natural law, the zealot takes any critique of GODS LAW as blasphemy and an attack against their supreme leader. To me, Natural Rights are simply a political philosophy which makes sense. When implimented via raw, unregulated capitalism, they provide a perfect, non-violent mirror to what we are; beings who by out nature fight ruthlessly for natural resources against one another. Capitalism gives us the perfect outlet to both fight for our resources and compete fiercly with one another in a non-violent manner which adhere's to natural rights, the non-aggression principal and thus: the rule of law.

As a by-product, it also generates more wealth and prosperity per person than any other system known to the human mind. It also provides the closest thing to "equality" on earth: Equal opertunity.

As for the idea that natural rights cannot exist without god, I counter that natural rights and the non-aggression principal cannot logically come from a being whose entire doctrine is based around coersion. Love and worship me or burn forever. As for Jesus, even if he was real instead of an astrological myth based on the zodiac, I didn't ask for him to get crusified for me, and I don't appreciate it frankly. Im not evil, and I don't need some guy getting nailed to a cross so I can be laced with guilt for having 100% natural biological functions which were PUT IN TO ME by the very guy who wants to sanctamoniously "forgive" me for his own fuck-ups. Maybe if god didn't want to burn people for doing what he programned them to do, he should have fixed their programing instead of torturing his son to death. That seems to make more sense.

edit: I should note, I never said you'd be better off if I was god. You'd be better off if the idea of a god never crossed your mind and you instead were forced to live in reality. Delusions about fictious super-powered magic wielding invisable men do not help you cope with reality. Only avoid it and pass problems on to future generations. We must not believe in impossible things, because when we do, we breed brains who are able to accept the lie that is the state, and mass graves are the result.