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"Within US law, public accommodations are generally defined as entities, both public and private, that are used by the public. Examples include retail stores, rental establishments and service establishments, as well as educational institutions, recreation facilities and service centers. Private clubs and religious institutions are exempt. Public accommodation must be handicap-accessible and must not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin.[1][2]
Within the United States, legislation dealing with public accommodations include:
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Americans with Disabilities Act
State-level LGBT protection, such as in Colorado
State-level protections for breastfeeding in public[3]"

I think "US law" as described here violates common law, or "natural law", a term I'm pretty sure the Judge himself has used.

ETA: If someone can dictate what you must or must not allow on your property, then it isn't really your property.

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