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...and whatever gave rise to Miyamoto's existence is the more fundamental reality behind Mario, eh? :). But if the Princess had been correct, after all, there would have been no reason why such was correct -- it just would have been, even if it seemed odd.

At bottom, there is a reality for which there is no explanation at all -- this is inescapable. We just debate which ultimate Something this 'at bottom' reality really is. I think that the idea of a true Nothing being the Something is impossible, and that any theory which pretends to start with Nothing is really hiding away a 'Something' with a bit of 'sleight of hand'. :)

Am I understanding you right, though -- are you saying there are odd anomalies in our reality which should cause us to question our view of reality? If so, I agree: the presence of reason, mind, knowing, Love in humanity, to me, points to these things always having existed, since I can't see how non-mind gives rise to Mind, how purely deterministic or random chains of cause and effect give rise to arguing grounds from consequents to arrive at knowledge. The fact that mind exists at all gives me great confidence that Mind has been there all along--part of the self-existent reality. But greatest of all in this self-existent reality is Love. Without that, everything else is nothing. :D