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My post is BS....where is the

My post is BS....where is the evidence there? do you have video? haha..everything humans claim is all conjecture and opinions until you get someone to admit something. Please do not assume my do not know me. I know we all hope to catch him in some GOTCHA moment but in reality he didn't give anything indicative to suggesting that he had first hand knowledge. I am not "demeaning"---again, here you are implying you know my motives which is very naive.

Yes the OP made the claim by default of the title of the thread that this video is evidence to Kerry having some sort of knowledge.

Sorry to tell you that everyone in the world grasps straws to try and connect the dots, explain something....but I didn't use a strawman argument---strawman arguements include false or vague claims...i have not made a claim, i have stated that no claim has been directly made by kerry.

This to me seems to be the case of people being using their underlying emotional distrust of government and jumping to conclusions to fuel their position that there is some massive evil endgame.

Put simply...

It is just as unhealthy to stick your head up your ass as it is to stick your head in the sand.

Use logic....not emotion.

Thaaaanks!...remember to drive hybrids guys!!!!

- Brennan