Comment: If one desires 'A' then do 'B' Intellectual assent is irrelevant

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If one desires 'A' then do 'B' Intellectual assent is irrelevant

Intellectual assent is irrelevant. It's only a rational process. Acting conscientiously is an act of an individual aware of reality fully understanding that one doesn't always know what one doesn't know.

>an act or action of admonishing; authoritative counsel or warning.

But isn't it true that insanity is a deliberate ignorance of reality itself?

Is that authoritative because it is good counsel? It would be crazy to judge it good counsel because of an appeal to authority. The latter is a fallacy.

Likewise I would argue the Ron Paul gives good counsel but it is the counsel that is authoritative. As, he's said, "I don't want to tell you what to do!"

Truth, Justice and liberty are ideas of God. Are they real ideas. Do the reflect reality?

But St Augustine warns "We are talking about God; is it a wonder no one understands. If one understands then it is not God." An objective god can be understood or dismissed. Reality itself is not so easily rejected. The challenge is to discover what is absolutely real.

Doubt is part of the process. One who knows they doubt knows something true. They do not doubt their doubt. Doubt is a rational tool of those seeking certainty.

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