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Just like Jayden Smith

said, the public school system has been used to brainwash us into believing history the way the PTB's, what I call the Rothschild Zionist Cabal, wants us to believe. Zionism, has nothing to do with religion, or Israel, it's just used as a control method used to destroy America and the world. Now, back to Lincoln. He can be accredited as the greatest destroyer of our Liberties and Freedoms ever in American history. He attacked and killed his own people, and in the end 600,000+ died. He destroyed the remaining sovereignty of the independent states, and forced them under control of the federal central government. Even if he 'might' have had the intentions of ending the the Rothschild Banksters control of the money, in the end he did them the greatest favor by forcing the states under federal tyranny, that has led to the Feds power to this day. In reality, when you hear these brainwashed fools mention Hitler as the great evil to threaten our Republic, the reply should be 'no, I'm sorry but Lincoln was the one who actually destroyed the Republic before Hiltler was even born, as Lincoln attacked America and put us under control of the Rothschild Banking tyranny we are facing today'. And, when they say how he freed the slaves, that's another lie. He only passed a decree to force the South to free the slaves to aggregate them into a Civil War. His top General, Grant, had slaves during and several years after the war. In his debates with Douglas, Lincoln stated he believed the negroes should never be allowed to vote, hold any kind of office, own land, and should be rounded up and shipped to S. America.
Also, what you have learned about Hitler is another great lie, which was first brought about by Pat Buchanan in his book 'The Unneccary War'. There is another book just released, by Mike King, 'The Bad War', that shows well documented facts, that disprove most of what we have been made to believe. Here, you can read a sample of his documentation contained in his book.