Comment: Judges Cracking Down on Rules

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Judges Cracking Down on Rules

I've heard there have been some issues, so I'm posting this just in case for Ben's entry. Can anyone please confirm?

1. Deadline for entry is 9/22/2013;

2. 9/22/2013 is also end of Round One. Top 50,250 entrants move on to Round Two. If total entrants is less than 50,250 then ALL entrants move on to Round Two. Top 50,000 entrants by most votes, who meet ALL guidelines, will move on to Round Two. 250 entrants without high popular votes can move on to Round Two by special judging criteria of judges. [20 Semi-Finalists comes in October, 4 Finalists in November, each Round having it's own requirements and judging criteria and votes reset to zero]

3. Sponsor of Super Bowl Contest/Promotion is Intuit Inc. developer of software and services for small businesses. Sponsor is promoting their QuickBooks line of products and services, thus the requirement for entry to be submitted by business "owner" or "employee" (by IRS definition?) at time of entry with express permission of owner at time of entry. Entrant must be good representative of sponsor for advertising and public relations purposes.

4. Round One Public Voting is limited to one vote per person per day. Multiple votes will be voided and possibly lead to disqualification of entrant based on judges sole discretion.

5. Complaints and Issues for Ben and Zak:

-Claim/Record of over-voting per day (sometimes dozens per day by one or more people - the supporters are not helping by doing this and posting about it)

-Claim of entry by friend, not employee with advanced express permission of owner, at time of entry. Definition of Employee: what, when, how work is done is controlled by employer with payroll taxes withheld from pay (state/federal/social security-medicare/unemployment tax)

-Claim of not being a Small Business. A Small Business is generally an activity carried on to make a profit by an unincorporated entity, or a LLC with unincorporated tax status. (Sponsor guidelines: no more than fifty (50) full-time permanent employees as of the start of the Promotion.)


-Tell people to limit voting to once per day (and not from same ip/device as another person?)

-If submission didn't meet employee status at time of registration (and for rest of contest?) Ben can delete and re-register as owner before 9/22/2013, if he meets small business definition. (If there is less than 50,250 entrants this won't be an issue, plus still 5 days for supporters to vote him back up.)

If Ben and Zak meet all the criteria, then he's good to win! Get ready for Rounds 2 & 3! Yeah!!!

[Everything will be verified including appropriate behavior and actions of owner, entrant, employees, and be nice to others and don't swear, demean, etc.]