Comment: Lincoln and the Banks

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Lincoln and the Banks

These quotations are not generally accepted, except by Greenbackers. Note that no reputable historian uses them. Note that no one can show you a primary source. It's one Greenback book quoting another one. Where is the source? No answer.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to prove a quotation is fake. I think the people using the quotation need to prove it's genuine. Certainly the language is laughably modern, and would never have been used in the mid-19th century, or in any part of the 19th century for that matter. Where is the primary source? You should ask them, not me. I say it doesn't exist. Show me where he said it.

Had Lincoln opposed "the banksters," he wouldn't have been a Whig. The national bank was a central plank of their program.

Lincoln, having been a railroad lobbyist, wasn't about to undermine the banks, given that the railroads funded their expansion by selling bonds.

The Greenbackers love to pretend that some presidents were really on their side. I don't share their weird devotion to the presidents.