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ROTHSCHILDS Troll go away.......

Your own quotes are what is fake, and not Lincolns.

And yes, if you cannot recognize the significance of The London Times piece -- then you are just in denial. It's a fact (well sourced).

As for for the Fed being private, this is also true. The government does not own the Central Bank. The Central Bank is entirely a private ownership (Rothschilds, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc.). And The Rothschilds Banking Empire existed long before the Federal Reserve was ever created.

And your lies are getting ridiculous whe you say Lincoln hated Greenbacks. He created The Greenbacks because they were DEBT FREE currency (a concept that you clearly are incapable of understanding), and the Banksters could not control it.

The Bankers always kill the people who threaten to take away their power. Andrew Jackson was shot at twice from close range (and survived only by luck). But they made sure that they didn't miss with Lincoln.