Comment: Some please clarify something for me

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Some please clarify something for me

So some of you are calling for - the teamsters and longshoremen to join in on this.

You do realize these unions are some of Obama's biggest pals right?

Do you stop to think things through or are we still in the uninformed stages of our awakening. There is no way in hell those unions would strike against Obummer - and IF, IF they do - you best believe its not to help you so watch the eff out.

And I also chuckle - you all go ahead and stop your trucks on I-95 here in CT and "refuse" to move it. Let me explain how it will work.

The DOT will pull in front of your truck(followed quickly by at least two state troopers, an econ police and however many local police are in the mood to have "fun")
They will then remove your ass from the truck - if you refuse - they wont bother grabbing you - they will just give you 30 seconds before the dog that just arrived on scene makes dinner out of your ass
They will arrest you, pull your card and make sure you never drive again
They will then call in a wrecker and tow your truck and your trailer right off the damn highway.

They will then make special note of the carrier you drive for - and I assure you - that carrier wont go 2 miles in this state without being pulled over for a roadside inspection.

And none of this will matter to any official in DC - not one bit. All that will happen is those on the fence will jump to the other side because they will not want to be associated with that.

And don't forget - once they show the first welfare recipient whos crack baby was crying because they couldn't get formula - Obama will look like a damn hero for using the great and powerful arm of the Federal leviathan to get those supplies moved.
And the country will cry for more big government to prevent this kind of inhumanity. They will beg for more government - and those in DC will be happy to oblige.