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Technically you

are correct, but is there really that much of a difference between paying for the wholesale slaughter of innocents or paying the interest on the debt created to commit the wholesale slaughter of innocents? This government is an illegitimate disgrace and in my mind giving them money for any reason is no different than funding the mafia...that is what our government has become; organized crime. There is no doubt that the heart of this beast is the federal reserve's system and monopoly of printing fiat money and their thug enforcers the IRS...and until enough people are willing to tackle and topple this monster head on, very little will change and people will continue to fund their own means of enslavement as well as the destruction of themselves and others around the globe. I'm sure that these people get a real kick out of using the people's own hard earned money to destroy them...

Sorry about the rant...having a bad day!