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I'm Curious As To Your Opinion

I would like to test your knowledge a little in the matter of why 'churches' are supposedly 'exempt' from 'taxation' by the 'Federal Government'. I don't ask for any special 'arguments' other than that of the matter of 'Constitutional Law' in this regard.

(HINT: 'Churches' are protected from indirect taxation the same way as individuals are)

IF I happen to belong to the 'Church Of Satan', and my 'Church' pays taxes to the same government that you speak of; that support my 'beliefs' in the 'right' to 'abort babies' (sacrifice children for the good of the adult humans involved); AND this same government funds 'secular groups' like 'Planned Parenthood' who seem to have the SAME goals as my 'Church' does; ON WHAT BASIS should I refuse to pay these 'taxes'; AND FURTHER, WHY should YOU be allowed to NOT pay these 'taxes' (since the 'government' 'also' paves the roads, keeps us safe from attack, and provides us with the AlGore Internet that you are currently using)?
If you bought gasoline, paid an electric (or gas, or phone) bill, bought tires for your car, or any other function of 'modern living' YOU have PAID your TAXES (whether you realize this or not). Does this FACT make you angry?
You give unto Caeser what is Caeser's, and pay your tithes in Caeser's debt instruments to a 'church' which uses these same debt instruments, generating MORE debt.

Nice dog, by the way. Very well-colored. I prefer my dogs to actually have EARS, though. It helps them to protect themselves against other dogs, and also lets them hear when their master is calling...