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That was pre-Columbine and the age of psychotropic


That was before we locked-up people with chemical imbalances in a mental ward and kept them away from guns.

That was before we gave teenagers and children drugs like candy because we can no longer spank their ass when they act-up. Drugs that make them suicidal and homicidal.

There has to be a balance and asking the police to check someone out is not infringing anyone's rights.

The police received a call. Were they suppose to ignore it? Is there anything wrong with them asking the man to put down his gun so they could approach and talk to him to explain why they were there?

Use some common sense.

If your kids were playing in your front yard and you saw a group of black men coming down the road carry guns like the one this guy had, would you tell them to come inside the house before they got near your property or would you say, "well, they have a right to bear arms, so I'm going to ignore them as they walk past my house with the kids playing in the front yard."

Give me a break.