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First of all,

Casey does have her ears fully intact (she just happens to have them pulled back in the picture). Secondly, I think you may have meant to say they are protected from "direct" taxation as well as individuals are, since that is what the income tax is current being imposed as (albeit unlawfully). The 16th amendment gave Congress "no new powers of taxation" at least according to SCOTUS anyway, meaning if they couldn't impose a direct tax without apportionment before the 16th Amendment well then they couldn't do it after (that and a whole score of other issues related to the constitutional issues of federal direct taxation of ones wages which I don't have time to address here) although there is also a 1st amendment argument to be made when it comes to taxation of churches as well. Also, I don't have a car, so I don't pay for gas although I do use electricity so technically they do get a few cents a year from me...although they don't get a dime of my wages, which they don't lawfully have access to anyway...but I'm guessing you already know this.