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They Actually Made A Movie

I read 'The Bedford Incident' in hardback, when i was younger.
I didn't know that they made a movie until about 30 years ago. It was shot in 'black and white', and starred Richard Widmark ()the 'captain'), the guy who played 'Dann-O' in 'Hawaii 5-0' (the J.G. who pushed the button), and the French negro Sidney Portieh (the 'imbedded reporter' on the Arctic cruise) (sorry, i can't spell French).
The Hollywood MOVIE actually tried to play off of the 'race-relations' issue, even back then, but the BOOK was quite well-written (to about a fifth-grade level).
Well, obviously, you are skirting the issues, in this post, 'Bob-45'. The 'Bedford Incident' was a juvenile attempt to replay the whole 'Moby Dick' Melville scenario, with 'updated' characters (in the mid-1950's), in case you didn't notice, and the 'movie' was updated to start the 'groundswell' of the 'issue' with 'race relations' in the early 1960's.
"the illegal occupation of Iraq and illegal attack on Libya and now this have failed to alarm us sufficiently and act accordingly, then all of us will all share look that Widmark had on his face very shortly, because we failed to stop our criminal government before it was too late."
GREAT use of the language (NOT!). You need to work on references and emotional details, before tying a fictional novel to a real event (in order to be able to persuade those who may be able to comprehend things in a much larger vision that you propose).

Just saying...