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Yeah, right.....

I think it is reasonable to say that it is unusual for someone to wear their gun and wave a flag in front of their house at cars as they pass by.

You don't see that everyday. To me, it's a silly immature way to prove you have rights and test the cops.

Let's say, someone driving by mistakenly thought he pointed his gun at them as he was turning while waving his flag and pulled out their gun and shot him dead on his lawn. What then?

Use some common sense.

The only way the cops would have proof that he is crazy would be after he shot someone. It would be a little late then.

I'm sure if he shot someone you loved and you later found out the cops were called but refused to check it out because they didn't have definitive proof he was crazy because he was waving a flag at cars while wearing his gun, you wouldn't be okay with it.