Comment: Correct your nationality!

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Correct your nationality!

Repudiate your 14th Amendment, Private Law, federal citizenship. Rejoin your true nation in one of the 50 countries (Sates) in the Union. Throw off the chains of direct obedience to the Federal Government and become a member of the de jure body politic of the State in which you were born.

A slave cannot fight his master with law for he has no standing. US citizens are just such slaves. If he fights it is rebellion. The de jure body politic of a State in the American Union, acting in unison, has the standing in law to exercise its sovereignty, as a matter of international law, Through its State government to discipline its Federal public servants. To do it by force is called, appropriately, an international war. Such was the war between the States.

Join the PAC Alliance. Become a State National. Earn the standing in law to throw off the tyranny that has you ensnared.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: