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Wasn't this on the KNEWS ;)

What is interesting, is the link for this took place came to me via a friend I met that was a nothing but a border gaurd participent that didn't know a thing about the Fed Reserve in 2007. But she DID have the Constitution and Truth in her heart.

She linked up with a lot of others that respect the same values. One of them that I know personally showed me on her cell phone years ago the phone number to G. Edward Griffin.

The Knews is not as important, as us being humans and standing up for reality, and the truth.

Edit: Goldspan, eat your heart out. I agree that Greg focuses on some things I don't agree with. But YOU Sir, are nothing but an agent that hates America. And Sir, more and more understanding the differnce between America, and AMERICA, it's obvious that you are a troll.

America is founded on principles, YOU are proclaiming the destruction of those.

And you are losing.