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For example, his suspension

For example, his suspension of habeus corpus was ended.

Andrew Johnson did not institute Jim Crow. The Southern States passed racist Black Codes, and when the federal government moved to stop them, Johnson intervened. Trying to blame Jim Crow on the federal government is absolutely ridiculous.

"The government became increasingly involved in the economy over the years after Lincoln as well."

Specifics? Following the decades after Lincoln, government spending as a % of the economy was very similar to what it was before. Some major projects like the railroads are the function of the federal government due to the commerce clause.

"Lincoln's legacy was really the precedent he set for states as subordinates to the federal government rather than equal parties in a federal compact."

Lincoln's legacy is that he freed the slaves. If you want to know what broke federalism, it was the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 17th amendments(the last of which was passed LONG after Lincoln).

Let me ask you this: Would you have preferred that the South kept its independence and its slaves?

See, I take it from the perspective that on this issue of slavery, the States DESERVED to be subordinates to the federal government. The South was afraid that the federal government would prevent their ability to hold slaves...they were right to fear that, and the federal government was absolutely correct, moral, and just in its aim to rid the nation of slavery.

"Secession was a last resort for the states to resist federal encroachments on their constitutional limitations"

That is the party line (actually, it really isn't. Revisionists today use that as a party line; Confederates in the past were very open about how slavery was the #1 issue why they seceded). In reality, secession was the last resort for the states to keep their slaves.

"Lincoln made clear that secession was not going to be permitted; essentially leaving no options for states to resist future trespasses."

Right, because to seceded, you need permission.

FYI, the states FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS resisted future trespasses. They resisted integration, for example. They still resist Roe vs. Wade, Obamacare, etc. So this notion that Lincoln killed the South's ability to resist future trespasses is nonsense.

In reality, some states have throughout our history tried to resist federal encroachment, and they've simply lost that battle many times. They've also won that battle at times.

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