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looks like

Larry Uh Doh!no's trying to pull a Madcow: kiss ass, build indirect rapport in hopes of garnering an interview, then ambush, smear, cut off, scream at, edit, edit, delay, convenient satellite cut-off, distort, smear, distort, smear, press-recyle, etc. etc. etc.

NEVER forget who your Enemies are

Hope Rand and his staff are a bit more MSM-savvy, now, especially after his experience w/that pressitute monster GE/MSDNC-warWHORE racist-funded career pedigree beneficiary: Rachel Madcow.

Plus, don't know if you guys have all watched the thread cited segment in full, but it's a pretty cheap hitpiece; it actually is NOT a "praise" at all, as O'Dunno's primary emphasis was to PUSH the meme that 'Hey lookie here Rand's potential challengers: let me give you an attack AD idea! Use the following clip I'm about to show you of Rand stating "What a tragedy it would have been if America wouldn't have gotten to see Barack Obama as a leader."

Rand, obviously said that about oBUSHma at the Senate hearing, sarcastically to poke the moron Demtards in audience, to 'guilt-nudge' them, somewhat.

And, predictably, in turn, O'Dunno's simply using the same statement by Rand, for his own sarcastic use; notice he repeated that clip of Rand saying that about oBUSHma, at the end, again, for added measure, so that would be the last thing to be seared into his viewers' minds.

Apparently O'Duhnno 'thinks' he's pretty 'witty' to drop that into political discourse: 'Hey RINOs, you guys don't really want this guy, do you?'-meme.

If you watch that clip again, be sure to count the number of times that, that failed TV-scribe dipshiit reminds his equally moronic 550 soccermoms and L vs. R brainwashed oBUSHmaBot drones who tune in: "Like his father, he'll never be the GOP nominee, nor the President."

Just count the number of times he says that about Rand; Larry's doing the NLP repetition with 'strong forceful' intonation found in a whiny burnt out, pissed-off, has-been liberal-arts professor chiding his students for not doing their homework, properly the way he control-freakily told them to.

That, was NOT a "praise."

And, it's not even a 'sophisticated' hitpiece; this is like elementary school class president election campaign material.

Hey, EVERY New York r3VOL, whenever you bump into that asshole in the street, remind him that no matter how many times Larry Uh' Doh!no tries to copy old-school anchor's vocal cadence, rhythm and intonation, along with the whole 'I'm gonna be serious now: watch me take off my glasses like Walter Kronkite when he declared JFK had been shot in Dallas to convey seriousness'-acting trick, no one whose main claim to fame was being an errand boy for an overgrown DC douchebag' who's never done any actual journalistic in his entire life, could EVER become a real journalist.

For those who still are open minded enough to give that douchebag the benefit of the doubt, even after watching my above posted October 2010 video, and how he's continuously smeared the Pauls every chance he gets? Just remember, everyone you see on television regularly, is by profession, and in actuality: actors, nothing more, nothing less.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul