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He did.

Check the date of the original post. I wrote that when they picked him up.

I just came back to visit this thread, now that he got cut. As you correctly pointed out. From the "Patsies."

I just did a search on "Tebow" to see what else was here, and I came across this one:

Ron Paul Cites Conversation with Tim Tebow.

I had forgotten about that. And then, thinking back to that time, I was reminded of that SNL skit.

I cracked up so hard when I first saw this. Because it was so true. It was like miracles were happing out there, in the 4th quarter.

He looked golden back then. And now - poof - he's just gone from the whole scene.

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What I would like to know is how he won the Heinemann Trophy? Aaron Hernandez was on that team with him, BTW. How poignant it would be if he took that spot at tight end, that AZ had vacated for a lower world.

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