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Base…..the difference between you and I

Is that I go and read and listen everything you ask me too. In the realm of debate I owe my opponent this respect, can you say the same?

I listened to your Paul Revere (PR) post. I don’t have any problem with these folks, but their only comments on 9-11 were the things the USG have done after 9-11. Gezz……didn’t I say that exact thing? If you had read my post you would know that to be true. My problem with the 9-11 crowd is that if you don’t follow in lockstep with the kooks you are labeled as a sheeple or Troll or any of the other nasty things the kooks say when challenged. I even saw the word “whore” in a comment to one of the ladies that dared to challenge. Base you have to admit… “were” one of those kind of kook’s , you have been dialing down your “hate” towards others and directing it all towards me……since I dared to “treat you the same as you treat other”.

You have even tried to attack me professionally……which I found entertaining. The PR folks…..the first thing that stated of substance was about ethics. Do you know why I stopped handling other people’s money after 1994? I stated the Mexican debt crisis was the reason….. I was a broker with about 10 million under management….not a lot but enough to give you real heart burn when you get blindside by something that came out of left field…….well after working my ass off to try and make my clients whole again, I discovered the reasons why there was a Mexican debt crisis. Granted I had already been through the conspiracies and was on the other side through education. But I missed this one thing……but so did everyone else….I mean everyone. I could have remained on the job and hide behind that like most every else. But I dug in and wanted answers….and the answers I got were real….and not conspiracies. The answer was in the Balance of payments, Mexico’s external debt position and their reserve position……not a conspiracy…..real economics…..real Keynesian economics. I was already an Austrian and this flew right in the face of everything I believed. Then I looked at the U.S. negative balance of payment, external debt position and reserve position and I knew it would only be a matter of time for the dollar…..if I had only known the extent they would go to protect the dollar. But being a person of integrity there was no way I could continue to recommend dollar denominated investment to my clients…..So I left……walked away from serious money…….have you ever been tested? Well the Lord blessed me…….clients knew what i had done and hired me just for that reason. I went on to drive 500 million dollar projects in the cell phone industry for AT&T in NC and MetroPCS in Dallas, where 6 figures used to be a yearly salary……it became quarterly. ….. I have been truly blessed. Now I get to do basically anything I want……but I love to trade so that’s what I do.
But PR folks…..I commend them…… but I recommend you stop looking for the spooks and start looking for the real answers and be nice towards the newbies.

The reason I went at Corbett is because he really is a racist…you watch the post again and then honestly read what I wrote being “OBJECTIVE”..….I explained myself quite well. Did you read what I wrote on the “State of Religion”? …….I kind a thought that was my best stuff yet.

Sooner or later…….c’mon man you have to at least look at what I am saying honestly…..for the life of me I just cannot wrap my head around the fact the you desire to prove the USG is guilty and that people swallow the “official story” but think that we are the only generation that have suffered at the hands of the State……but god the fairy-tale of the “official historical story” has this divinity like status that is so sacrosanct that you consider me a Troll and dare I say a KOOK!
C'mon Man!