Comment: Thanks for the reply

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Thanks for the reply

I'll bet you don't personally know a SOUL here on DP.

Your world is crashing. Deal with it and join the respect for the Truth that Dr. Paul, and other whistle blowers have for 30+ years.

Stop being an idiot. That is just personal advice.

You have a right to be whatever you want.

I respect that, and welcome your comments.

I even entertain the thought that your absurdity is done for a good purpose.

I NEVER try to convince ANYONE they are WRONG, I can only offer why I I'm CONVINCED I'm convinced I'm right.

You sir, seem to be on DP for an entirely different reason.

And it is failing. Not because of your efforts, you were a failure before you posted. But your account is old, and whoever posted first didn't understand the foundation of principle.

You sir, have been a nothing in that effort for a LONG TIME.

I would NEVER Block you, your efforts are too revealing.