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While I appreciate the symbolism to Goldspan.

I would never want to sink to that level.

I Grew up in the South, I was raised Catholic and played the organ in the 'church'.

I have since learned about people like Goldspan, and the goodness of the message of Jesus, and most of humanity.

Most people I've met all over the world, want the same things I value. Their right to be left alone, raise their family, ... etc.

The mere mention of it has brought on more tyranny than any hand I've ever extended with virtue to help or in a time of need.

I have never done either using HATE. Goldspan knows no other response other than decption, be it about the dollar or me.

And his account has been on DP for a long time. But respect for the truth transends it by a pretty big time.

He's not that deep.

Those infiltrating DP, are obvious.