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I agree..

it is very hard for me to be present. I catch myself wandering all the time when I am with my daughter. It makes me feel terrible when I realize she has been trying to get my attention and my mind is elsewhere.

I have never tried yoga but I did meditate a lot when I was younger. Its pretty incredible to silence your body and focus your mind. For me, I had a few intense experiences with meditation. One stands out the most. It happened nearly 20 years ago and I still remember it like it just happened.

Once I had fully relaxed my body and brain, all the fuzzy colors I was seeing swirling around started gathering in the center and an extremely vivid picture emerged in my mind. It was crystal clear and absolutely random. It was evening on a military base. I was crossing the street with a random kid that was holding a basket ball.

The image was so vivid and shocking that it shook me out of my meditation. I tried and tried to get back to that point and barely made it a couple more times, but never like that first time.

We have yet to understand how powerful our minds are.

Ive noticed your posts have been more spiritual in nature than years prior. Have you been searching or trying something new?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul