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Nothing at all against this post

But after being a daily DP member for two years I still don't understand how this website works. My brother and I wrote and produced a song "the cost" about the cost of war and posted it on DP memorial day. It was a big project for us which we were very proud of. It never made front page and was buried after a few days. It got no exposure. Since then I see post almost daily about members discussing their dating lives and quitting smoking, etc. All of which is fine. I believe in the free market concept but it doesn't seem that this site works that way.. A post making front page or being buried should be determined by votes which is based on the quality of the product being offered.. I see post on DP with 0 votes on top of front page and then post that I have added with 20-30 votes which never see the light of day...

I'm sure it has something to do with my membership status but when I signed up in 2011/12 I signed up as a paid member? Maybe my membership lapsed I don't know... Thanks for listening..

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