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Comment: How about some exceptional sense

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How about some exceptional sense

How is "Common sense" shaped? By the current values of society?
It is those values that most here question and are attempting to influence.

Common sense is what got Obama elected.
Common sense has our children in failing public schools.
Common sense has people calling the cops, instead of walking up to this guy and asking what he is doing.

Common sense these days means punting any and all perceived problems to some level of government, not rolling up your sleeves and solving them yourself.

Current common sense = "we locked-up people with chemical imbalances in a mental ward and kept them away from guns."

Current common sense = "we gave teenagers and children drugs like candy because we can no longer spank their ass when they act-up. Drugs that make them suicidal and homicidal."

You advocate to the people here "Use some common sense."

I would advocate to you that you give some thought to using exceptional sense. Common sense is what got us to where we are now.